Lunch Menu

Lunch served with miso soup and Sansu mini salad (peanut), excludes udon and soba


Black lacquer box with rice, tempura shrimp and veg., California Roll, seaweed salad.

Teriyaki Salmon

Teriyaki Beef

Teriyaki Chicken

Tofu and Vegetables

Tempura Shrimp and Vegetables

Sushi and Sashimi

Sansu Tempura Veg Udon

Japanese style noodles in a clear broth with tempura vegetables served with Inari sushi

Sansu Deluxe Udon

Japanese style noodles in a clear broth, steamed vegetables, tempura shrimp + Inari

Taki Soba

Noodles & vegetables stir fry in savory brown sauce. (Choice of beef / chicken / tofu)

Sushi Lunch

6 pieces of assorted fresh sushi, California Roll + side noodles

Fresh Grilled Salmon

Sashimi grade salmon steak, grilled & brushed herb, butter garlic, steamed rice and vegetables

Eel Don

Baked Eel over seasoned rice, served in laquer box

Chicken Katsu

Crispy panko battered white meat served with rice & katsu sauce

Hwe Dup Bab

Fresh assorted diced fish & spring greens over rice, served with hot sauce

Chicken Curry

Japanese style curry with white meat and vegetables, served with rice

Teriyaki Chicken Salad

Spring Greens topped with charbroiled chicken, fresh vegetables, served with ginger dressing. (Add Salmon + 2.00)

Tuna Tataki Special Salad

Spring Greens topped with seared tuna sashimi, fresh vegetables, served with ponzu dressing. Albacore tuna available

Sansu Tempura Udon

Japanese style noodles in a clear broth with tempura shrimp, served with Inari sushi

Sansu Basic Udon

Japanese style noodles in a clear broth with steam vegetables + Inari

Hot Soba / Somyun Noodles

Japanese style soba or thin somyun noodles, clear broth with steam vegetables + Inari

Sashimi Lunch

Slices of a variety of fresh sashimi + side noodles. (rice optional)

Beef Don

Marinated thin slices of tender beef & onions with spring greens served over bed of rice

Tekka Don

Slices of Fresh Tuna served over sushi rice in laquer box

Beef Katsu

Crispy panko battered steak served with rice & tangy katsu sauce


Fresh slices of assorted sashimi fish served over seasoned rice

Beef Curry

Japanese style curry with beef steak and vegetables, served with rice

Spicy Fusion Chicken

Marinated chicken sautéed mushroom, green peppers and onion in chili sauce

Tempura Chicken

Marinated chicken, lightly tempura, spring greens, served with rice and tempura dipping sauce


Vegas Roll + 2pc Salmon Sushi

Angel Roll + 1 pc Spicy Scallop Sushi

1/2 Michigan Roll + 1/2 Double Salmon Roll

1/2 Volcano Roll + 1/2 Baked Scallop Roll

1/2 Stop Drop Roll + 1/2 Sea Dragon Roll

Spider Roll + Devil Roll

California Roll + Special California

California Roll + Tuna or Salmon Roll

Tempura Shrimp Roll + California Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll + Spicy Salmon Roll

Tempura Shrimp Roll + Spicy Tuna Roll

Tempura Salmon Roll + Avocado, Cucumber Roll

Spicy California Roll + Tempura California Roll

Tempura Eel Roll + Eel & Cucumber Roll

Tuna Roll + Salmon Roll

Choice of two Veggie Rolls

cucumber, avocado, asparagus or pickle radish

Avocado, Asparagus & Cucumber Roll + Veggie Roll