The Jeons, owners of Sansu, have been in the restaurant industry for the last 35 years. Having numerous restaurants throughout Michigan, the Jeons have now settled here in East Lansing, having Rebecca their eldest daughter run the business. Mr.& Mrs. Jeon, are always close by, watching and making sure that everything is running smoothly, jumping in from time to time to help. Mrs. Jeon is always is in, in the mornings making secret recipes for the sushi rice and blending our popular ginger dressing and mixing sauces before the start of business. Mr. Jeon is always cleaning here and there, and giving advice to the staff from all his experience from good to bad. It definitely is a family business and all the family is helping out in one way or the other along with the employees, our whole staff is part of the family, The Sansu family.

"At least five new sushi restaurants have opened in the past year and a half. SanSu in East Lansing's Hannah Plaza is especially unique, featuring two tatami rooms, private dining rooms outfitted with traditional low tables and floor seating."
*Lansing State Journal 2003*
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